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Enable optimal water treatment performance with cutting-edge ceramic membrane technology from Nanostone Water.

See how CM-151 can help transform your operation



Raise water treatment to a new level of reliability and performance.

Nanostone Water offers a reliable, cost-effective alternative to conventional water treatment technology to address your most complex water treatment challenges – from protecting public health and supporting sustainability to maximizing flow and quality in wastewater treatment operations. Our durable, robust ceramic membrane technology delivers the lowest total cost of ownership, driven by our patented module design that’s easy to install and operate.

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Achieve next-level performance with the industry’s latest innovation in
ceramic membrane technology

Guided by industry experts, our CM-151 ceramic UF membrane helps plant owners and operators solve common membrane operating problems and optimize the performance of water treatment operations.


Adaptable innovation in compact design.

Our highly adaptable, space-saving technology is designed to help streamline your process operations, delivering longterm operational savings and a lower life cycle cost.

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Durable solutions deliver sustainable results.

With the performance benefits of ceramics, our patented module design consumes less power and allows more time between chemical cleanings, helping you achieve superior operational advantage.

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Robust performance adds peace of mind.

Trust the experts at Nanostone Water for reliable solutions that deliver long-lasting results, so you can spend less time maintaining your operations and more time growing your business.

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Solve complex water treatment challenges with breakthrough technology.

Improve reliability and performance and solve water treatment challenges, from common to complex. Our ceramic technology is available for a wide variety of industrial and municipal applications, from pretreatment to wastewater recovery and reuse to high-quality drinking water.

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Nanostone Water is everywhere our clients need us to be.

Nanostone Water has operations around the world, with an expansive footprint and global reach.

  • Our state of the art manufacturing facility in Germany is not only ISO 9001-certified, but also highly automated to maintain consistent production.  We’ve invested significantly in process improvement over the years to keep up with the growing demand for ceramic membrane technology.
  • Our company has a global team, in both technical and commercial support roles, in order to serve our clients where they need assistance.  Decades of both water treatment experience, as well as ceramic membrane expertise, permeate through our organization.
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