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Municipal Market

Increase productivity and improve compliance,
reduce complexity.


Municipal Market


Ensuring water is clean and safe within
municipal operations.

Municipalities pride themselves on a consistent, reliable supply of water to their customers. However, challenges in source water can cause variability and added expense to operate these processes in a sustainable manner.

Our ceramic filtration technology encapsulated in our CM-151 module is designed to efficiently and effectively remove solids and pathogens and protect public health. The robust structure — with its large feed channels and carefully engineered, uniform pore size — enables us to treat even the most challenging source waters.


A revolutionary pre-treatment solution for desalination.

Before water can be desalinated with technologies such as RO, it must be pre-treated to remove solids, algae and organics. Conventional treatment technologies have proven to be
expensive and ineffective in their ability to meet the strict water quality requirements for downstream RO operations.

Our ceramic membrane has been designed to handle the challenging nature of sea water — from particulate contaminants to the corrosive nature of brackish and/or saline water. The ability to replace several unit operations (e.g., multimedia filtration, DAF, polymeric UF, etc.) with one membrane system also allows for a much more compact and efficient use of capital and footprint.


Filtering pathogens without the risk of fiber breakage.

Secondary wastewater contains high levels of organics and solids, which can severely foul most membrane systems and limit their life.

Our ceramic membrane has been shown to perform well in these circumstances, tolerating the high levels of coagulant that are needed to remove organics, and offering a reliable barrier to pathogens without the risk of fibers breaking.


Streamlining filtration while reducing operating costs.

Many source waters with high or variable concentrations of suspended solids require an expensive and often unreliable flocculation process prior to filtration.

The CM-151 membrane’s unique design enables us to treat these types of water with only coagulation as pre-treatment — shrinking the required footprint and reducing overall operational expenses.

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