Our History

Leading the industry in ceramic membrane filtration


Nanostone Water History

At Nanostone Water, we’re passionate about using our ceramic membrane technology to optimize treatment performance and total lifecycle cost for our customers.

From our inception as a leader in ceramic flat sheet technology to our most recent patents and development of our CM-151 technology, we have applied our deep technical expertise to push the envelope on what is both technically and economically possible to achieve with ceramic technology.

Droplets Nanostone Water Introduction


Treating the most challenging
water systems
300MLD treatment capacity
59Project references
79MGD treatment capacity

The evolution of Nanostone Water

Creating a new frontier in
water treatment


The foundation is established

The company begins manufacturing MF/UF ceramic membranes in conventional tubular and flat sheet configurations at its manufacturing site in Halberstadt, Germany.


Nanostone Water is formed

The company is acquired by True North Venture Partners. A management team based in the United States is formed, and the company’s name is changed to Nanostone Water.


Manufacturing achieves a significant milestone

Nanostone achieves ISO 9001 certification at its Halberstadt, Germany manufacturing plant, as well as ANSI/NSF-61 drinking water certification for drinking water in the United States.


CM-151 innovation is launched

Nanostone launches its revolutionary CM-151 ceramic ultrafiltration module, providing a new benchmark in overall system economics. The operations team also lays the groundwork to expand production capacity to meet the growing demand for our technology.


Nanostone Water expands globally

Industry experts join commercial and operational organizations, driving adoption of the CM-151 ceramic membrane in both industrial water and wastewater applications as well as municipal drinking water.

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