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Desalination Market


Nanostone Water’s Value Proposition

Nanostone Water’s ceramic desalination pretreatment system removes harmful algal blooms, suspended solids and high levels of dissolved organics from seawater with high reliability, enabling RO desalination systems to operate to rated capacity and planned costs over an extended life. Our single-step solution also eliminates multiple pretreatment processes, reducing capital expense and footprint.

Markets We Serve

We are working with leading developers, owners and operators of large seawater desalination plants to integrate our solutions into greenfield desalination plants and also to retrofit our solutions into under-performing plants currently in operation.


Nanostone ceramic membrane demonsttrated outstanding and stable performance, even during algea blooms.

TUAS pilot background and results when we finish this pilot.

John Smith , Director of PUB

Barka pilot background and results after the pilot finish.

John Doe , ACWA Power

SWCC pilot

Jane Smith , SWCC

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